Bad Reputation


Don’t believe the rumors. I don’t have a bad reputation at all. At least I don’t consider it bad and I don’t think you do either. Daring is more like it. Just because I’m sporting a leather jacket with just a thong doesn’t make me a bad girl. Does it?

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Hello Pasties


I was going through my lingerie and stumbled across something very daring and fun that I totally forgot I had. A pair of little pasties. I don’t know how I forgot about these because I know it’s something you would love to see me wear. Plus I had the perfect little thong to go with […]

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Go O’s


So it’s the halfway point in the long baseball season so I thought I’d show some team spirit. Funny how the Orioles are in first place in their division right now (so I’m told). Who would’ve thought? So who’d be interested in playing  a little game of catch with me? I hope you don’t mind […]

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In My Pocket


I put this sheer blouse on for this set because I knew you’d enjoy seeing it. Plus it’s fun to tease in since I decided to leave it unbuttoned. But there was something in the pocket I just couldn’t get out and it was driving me nuts. So I just tossed the blouse aside. You’ll […]

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Grab A Chair


Why don’t you grab a chair real quick and come in close. I have something I want to share with you. Please forgive me for only having this bra and thong on but I want to make sure I have your attention. Come to think of it this lingerie may be a bit distracting for […]

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Night Vision


Don’t worry guys. There’s no need to break out the night vision goggles to enjoy what I’m wearing in this week’s update. Just me in a sheer teddy lingerie and tiny sheer thong. This is some fun lingerie because you may think it’s daring when you see me from the front. But just wait until […]

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Pink Babydoll


Hey guys! I’ve had this really cute babydoll lingerie I’ve been aching to show to you but I kept forgetting about it. This time I remembered. It may be cute, but it’s daring as well seeing how it’s sheer and came with a little sheer thong. As much as I like it I thought I’d add […]

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Garters & Bows


Hey boys! Talk about a sexy, daring and fun bra, thong and matching garters. You are gonna love this lingerie. So much to play and tease with. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to handle it. But you’ll be glad if you can.

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Red Heat


Summer is right around the corner so I thought I’d turn up the heat for you so can be ready for the hot weather.  And what better way to do that than with some daring lingerie. Luckily I had just thing perfect thing in mind. It’s sheer. It’s daring. And it has a matching thong. […]

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What Gown?


So I saw this cute sheer gown and thought how much fun it would be to show it off to you. But once  I put it on I couldn’t get out of it fast enough and get into this halter and thong. Don’t get me wrong, it was cute, but it was annoying. You know […]

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