Orange You Glad?


I bet you’ll be glad once you see this sexy sheer dress I just got. I didn’t think it would be quite this revealing so my plans on actually wearing it out are pretty much shot. Wearing a bra and panties beneath it wouldn’t be cute at all. But, that doesn’t mean I won’t wear […]

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Clean Sheets


The sheets on this bed were just so soft and smelled so good I decided to just forget wearing anything for this update. That’s right. It’s just me in the nude and some fresh, clean sheets. Wanna dirty them up with me?

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Getting Wet


I know you have been asking for me to get wet for a shoot and I’ve finally been able to do it. I’m pretty sure you will enjoy watching me take a shower since it’s pretty much a given I’m going to get completely nude. I mean, this white blouse just gets too restricting once […]

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Yoga Pants


Whoever came up with yoga pants, thank you. They are sooooo comfy. And sexy. I just love wearing them. I’d wear them out more often but they tend to attract a lot of attention. I’m not sure why so I figured I’d slip them on and show them to you to see if you could […]

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Pumping Iron


Being young and active has it’s advantages. One of them is that I don’t have to do much exercise to stay in shape. But for you I thought it’d be fun to do a little workout. So I threw on this little tank top and some shorts and started pumping some iron. It doesn’t take […]

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My Booty


I know you really enjoy checking out my booty so I thought I’d slip on these sexy little boy short panties and give you some really nice views. It was a little cool in the room so I threw on this button up sweater. But wouldn’t you know it, I started getting a little warm. […]

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Going Clubbing


I don’t go out to the clubs very often but when I do I like to dress the part. When I saw these silver skin tight pants I knew they’d be perfect for a night out. One thing I wasn’t expecting was how hot they would be. They are already really tight so there was […]

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Banded In Black


I was going through my lingerie and found this sexy sheer thong I completely forgot I had. But I couldn’t find the damn bra! I did stumble across these thigh high stockings and this black ribbon and I had an idea. I slipped on the stockings and my high heels and took the ribbon an […]

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Rise And Shine


I’m not much of a morning person but sometimes you just can’t avoid it. But a girl’s ¬†gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. And if I have to get up early to get you up then I’m happy to do it. Just think what it would be like if I woke you up by […]

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Come On Up


Come on up boys and enjoy the view. What view is that? The view up my skirt to see my little thong. I’m pretty sure it’s a view you’ll be more than happy to soak in. The sights don’t end there. This shirt is kinda driving me crazy so I think it’s just gonna have […]

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