Time To Unwind


I just need to unwind after a long day. In order to completely unwind I need to be comfy, which is why I have on this tank top and panties. As usual, these clothes just aren’t as comfy as I was hoping. So off they go. Much better being naked. Now I can relax!

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Quick Change


I have something special I want show you. Lucky for you it’s right here in this dresser. I just have to slip out of these jeans and top first. And my bra. A bra wouldn’t look so good beneath this sheer, fishnet dress that’s hidden in the drawer. Oops. I think I ruined the surprise. […]

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Sequined Dream


I got this sexy sequined halter top to wear to a party. The best part about it, other than it being easy to take off, is the naughty matching thong! I thought I’d show you both before I slipped on some pants before heading out. Don’t worry. Nothing is being slipped on. Matter of fact […]

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Blue Fantasies


I hope you’re not feeling blue now that it’s getting colder and the days are shorter. If you are I’m here to help you out with some sexy blue lingerie. This sheer teddy with a thong back will turn your blues into fantasies as tease you while slowly stripping. And when I finally get nude […]

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Little Devil


Trick or treat boys! I hope you’ve got your Halloween costumes all ready for this Friday. I’ve got mine. I hope you come by to get your treat. I have a feeling you’ll enjoy it. Especially when I come to the door in my little devil outfit. Some naughty pasties and tiny skirt. Maybe I’ll […]

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Orange You Glad?


I bet you’ll be glad once you see this sexy sheer dress I just got. I didn’t think it would be quite this revealing so my plans on actually wearing it out are pretty much shot. Wearing a bra and panties beneath it wouldn’t be cute at all. But, that doesn’t mean I won’t wear […]

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Clean Sheets


The sheets on this bed were just so soft and smelled so good I decided to just forget wearing anything for this update. That’s right. It’s just me in the nude and some fresh, clean sheets. Wanna dirty them up with me?

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Getting Wet


I know you have been asking for me to get wet for a shoot and I’ve finally been able to do it. I’m pretty sure you will enjoy watching me take a shower since it’s pretty much a given I’m going to get completely nude. I mean, this white blouse just gets too restricting once […]

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Yoga Pants


Whoever came up with yoga pants, thank you. They are sooooo comfy. And sexy. I just love wearing them. I’d wear them out more often but they tend to attract a lot of attention. I’m not sure why so I figured I’d slip them on and show them to you to see if you could […]

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Pumping Iron


Being young and active has it’s advantages. One of them is that I don’t have to do much exercise to stay in shape. But for you I thought it’d be fun to do a little workout. So I threw on this little tank top and some shorts and started pumping some iron. It doesn’t take […]

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