Going Clubbing


I don’t go out to the clubs very often but when I do I like to dress the part. When I saw these silver skin tight pants I knew they’d be perfect for a night out. One thing I wasn’t expecting was how hot they would be. They are already really tight so there was […]

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Banded In Black


I was going through my lingerie and found this sexy sheer thong I completely forgot I had. But I couldn’t find the damn bra! I did stumble across these thigh high stockings and this black ribbon and I had an idea. I slipped on the stockings and my high heels and took the ribbon an […]

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Rise And Shine


I’m not much of a morning person but sometimes you just can’t avoid it. But a girl’s  gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. And if I have to get up early to get you up then I’m happy to do it. Just think what it would be like if I woke you up by […]

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Come On Up


Come on up boys and enjoy the view. What view is that? The view up my skirt to see my little thong. I’m pretty sure it’s a view you’ll be more than happy to soak in. The sights don’t end there. This shirt is kinda driving me crazy so I think it’s just gonna have […]

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Rusted Shorts


This week I thought I’d do something a little more casual for you and give you a peek at something I typically wear when out and about. A simple t-shirt and little shorts. For you I skipped putting a bra on and put on a cute little thong. This way it will be a little […]

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Bubble Bath


For a long time you’ve been requesting I do a bubble bath set. Don’t think I haven’t heard you because now your request has been granted. It’s a shame the bubbles weren’t quite cooperating. They just wouldn’t stay where I wanted them too! Not that you’ll mind since I know you’ve been wanting to see […]

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Morning Memory


How would you like to start your day with a some very fond and intimate memories? I think I can help you out with that. Just imagine waking up next to me while I’m wearing this little tank top and sexy boy short panties. Now imagine me teasing you mercilessly before slipping of my top […]

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Summer Dress


I’ve been dying to do something fun and flirty for you for a long time now. And now I finally got to do it. This little summer dress is so cute and innocent, but it’s what’s beneath it that I’m sure you have more interest in. Don’t worry, I show you exactly what’s beneath it. […]

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Finally Here


I know you’ve been waiting for this day for a while now. And so have I. Now I can be a bit more daring and much more personal with you. To kick things off I decided to slip into this sheer teddy lingerie and little thong.  I’m pretty sure you’re going to enjoy this because […]

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Sweet as honey. Smooth as cream. The girls of Honey Cream are here. Finally. You will recognize many of the models since they are former Teen Starlet girls. Not all of the girls were willing to step up the tease factor, but those who were are on Honey Cream along with some fresh young faces. […]

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