Sleepy Time


It was a very long day of shooting.  As much as I love it it can be exhausting. Trust me, when we’re done I’m ready to crash. The nice thing is I’m usually already wearing something comfy to sleep in. Sure it may be daring, like this sheer babydoll lingerie and thong, but that doesn’t […]

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Ready Maid


Alright boys. Who needs their room cleaned? I have this daring French maid’s lingerie on and it’s actually inspired me to want to do some cleaning. I have to warn you, I’m not very good at cleaning. I actually hate it. But for some crazy reason I’m willing to give it go. Hopefully  you won’t […]

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Hold On Tight


Alright boys. Grab a seat. Get comfortable and hole on tight because this update may be more than you can handle. Yeah, it’s just a simple sheer, lace blouse and thong but you know by now what I can do with something simple. So prepare yourself because I think you’re going to like what happens.

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Lounge Around


Sometimes it’s really nice when it’s cold and rainy out. It gives me time to catch my breath without having to feel guilty about wasting a beautiful day.  And when those days happen I always slip into something comfy and crank up the heat. Like this cute and soft blouse and a little thong. Eventually […]

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Soft Edges


I just got this sheer blouse and I had to show it to you. Of course I wanted to show it to you in my own special way. Just the blouse and this little thong.  It’s so soft and flowy I kinda feel like I’m floating in the clouds. I hope you guys like it […]

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Magnificent Lace


This blouse is just so cute I really want to wear it out but it may be just a bit too daring. It’s sheer and a little revealing which means I would have to wear a bra. But that would kinda ruin it’s appeal. Guess I’ll have to save it for a special night at […]

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Sweet Dreams


Sometimes a good night’s sleep is hard to come by. We’ve all had those days where we’ve got so much on our mind you just toss and turn all night. Just in case you’ve been having sleepless nights I thought I’d slip into this cute and daring sheer, lace lingerie halter and thong.  Hopefully you’ll […]

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Flight Pattern


Are these little bows or butterflies on this sheer bodystocking? I think they look like little butterflies. And what I say, goes. Now that that’s out of the way I want you to follow the flight patterns of them and enjoy the view. And you better hurry because this thing is kind of itchy and […]

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Gift For You


I still feel really bad about the issues  we had with weather messing up our shoot. Hopefully this daring update will make up for it. I was really excited to slip into this lace teddy lingerie and thong. Such fun to tease you wearing this. Consider this my little gift for you

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My Apology


It’s been a crazy few weeks. Mother Nature just wouldn’t cooperate and let me get to the shoots for you guys. Finally things worked out and I was able to get to there. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to update last week but now things are back on track. So let me apologize with this […]

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